We create cutting edge firmware with the latest technology. Having this way our imagination as our only limitation.

Covering all fields, from analog eletronics, digital eletronics, consumer eletronics, power electronics and embedded systems.

Additive manufacturing is a key technology for rapid prototyping, customization and adaptation to fast changing market requirements. 

Efficient and robust solution for aeronautics, medical equipment, automobile, construction, marine vessels and industrial equipment.

Well-known and respected for its expertise in Firmware developing, Electronic R&D, 3D printing in plastics, powders and metal, prototyping and additive manufacturing, CNC milling, turning technologies, Noras offers extensive knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of solutions for the marine and aeronautical industries, components for molding and stamping tools.

Our state-of-the art facilities are certified by ISO 9001, EN 14001 and EN 45001.