QSM - Our Mission

Ensuring design and production solutions of excellence, aiming to create and maintain trusting relationships with our partners, suppliers and clients, and having the ability to make use of knowledge, experience and the lastest technologies to find innovative solutions that contribute to the construction of future projects, considering the safeguarding of health and preservation of the physical integrity of employees, the protection of the environment and the preservation of natural resources.

QSM - Our Vision

Constitute itself as a center for the development of innovative systems, using cutting-edge technology and enhancing the development of cuting-edge productive solutions.

Noras Performance aspires to be recognized for its ability and develop innovative systems to solve its clients problems. In this sense, it intends to establish a department of development, innovation and industrialization of systems with the most advanced parametric software, a department of proactive and efficient quality, suppoted by a center of production of machined parts with high flexibility for the most demanding markets.

The machined parts production center will be focused on:

– In the development of the technical capacity of its human resources to operate the productive systems installed with the greatest precision and profitability, preserving their physical integrity and their health and raising their awareness and motivationg them to protect the environment;

– In the development of the capacity for dimensional verification of the works performed (metrology laboratory);

– In developing the operating capacity with the most demanding and innovative materials.

Our Scope

Design, development and production of technological equipment. Production of machined, metallic and non-metallic products.

Quality Enviroment and Safety Policy Quality Enviroment and

Noras Performance’s integrated quality, enviroment and safety management policy, aims to satisfy clients needs and expectations through the provision of high quality products and services, the pursuit of excellence, innovation and the sustainable development of the activity, commitment to environmental quality and safety is an absolute priority.

Our philosophy is to transmit to our customers the constant confidence of having the technical capacity and organization capable of providing, consistently and systematically, the level of Quality required to satisfy or exceed their expectaions.

This objective is based on the constant search for continuous improvement and on the promotion, valuation and incentive of all our employees, partners and suppliers.

In this sense Noras Performance makes the following commitments:

– To guarantee high levels of excellence in products and services, building a relationship of loyalty and partnership with clients, based on strict of the agreed commitments.

-Ensure the development of innovative products that continuously satisfy the needs of the customer and society.

– Maintain an Integrated Quality, Enviroment and Safety Management System, suitable for its products, activities and services, guided by its objectives and principles in accordance with the norms NP EN ISO 9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015, ISO45001: 2018, promoting continuous improvement.

– Ensure compliance with legislation, regulations and requirements, applicable to its activities.

– Promote the personal and professional development of employees, encouraging initiative, innovation, productivity and commitment to achieving the objectives of Quality, Enviroment and Safety.

Prevent accidents, control risks and protect the health of employees, service providers and visitors, emboldening, training and encouraging employees to ensure their safety and to identify and communicate all non-safety situations.

Promote actions that promote the efficient use of resources, minimization and proper waste management and communicate all non-safety situations.

Encourage suppliers to develop products and services that meet the company’s quality requirements.

Promote the dissemination of the Integrated Quality, enviroment and Safety Management Policy to all interested parties.