Who We Are

Team Noras and the founder Jorge Noras, have twenty years of accumulated experience in developing high performance engineering solutions, notably water engines that won several world race competitions. Jorge Noras’ entrepreneurial vision, combined with rescue and marine safety expertise, engineering know-how moved lifesaving and maritime safety to the next level.

To save lives through technology and innovation.

Our vision is a world where problems are solved without compromise by continually striving for engineered excellence and technological perfection.

What We Do

NORAS focus on the development of engineering solutions which work in demanding, complex environments. Our vision is that products must be reliable, efficient and simple to operate.


We created U SAFE, the world’s most advanced self-propelled, remote-controlled watercraft designed to be a fast and precise “water drone” . The U SAFE system is a patented and proprietary technology platform that includes the “flip and move” propulsion system, intelligent battery including energy management and high reliability electronic communications. 


Other of our creations is the AiR SAFE a powered Air Purifying Respirator of positive pressure, that ensures maximum safety and comfort. It allows people to breathe freely while working, providing breathing protection anywhere in a comfortable, efficient and convenient way.


We also have services of milling and turning CNC and 3D printing prototyping.